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by IRIS Solutions August 31, 2011

As laptop batteries age, the battery life declines and before you know it, you are unable to use your laptop at all without being tethered to your power cord that's plugged into the only available outlet in a dark corner of your den.  Purchasing a new battery is an option, but before spending the money, give these simple and easy tricks a try to help extend the use of your battery.

- Charge the laptop fully.  Use the laptop unplugged until the battery is almost completely drained and then charge the laptop again.

- It's also been said that a way to recover small amounts of battery life is to charge the laptop fully and let the battery drain completely.  Leave the laptop unplugged and drained for 4-5 hours and fully charge again.

As with anything you could think of, there is also an app that can help you determine the current state of your battery.  The app is called "BatteryBar" and it's available in the Mac App Store as well as the Android Market.  It can be useful in that it will show the battery capacity and the usage of the battery, along with the percent decline of the battery capacity, so you can easily monitor the current battery life.

If all else fails, consider purchasing a replacement battery for your laptop and give us a call.  We'll be glad to assist however we can.

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