We welcome you to meet the leaders behind the company vision at IRIS Solutions and invite you to experience the IT synergy that can be attained when you partner with our company.

Chris Chamberlin, President
Chris, a graduate of Winthrop University in Rock Hill, SC, with degrees in Business Management and Marketing, has been with IRIS Solutions since 2005. He is responsible for developing and expanding the sales territory to the best commercial businesses in North and South Carolina while also growing market share in the dental and medical industries. He is dedicated to the continued expansion of the company's product offering, and his vision is to complement that increase in revenue with a growth in the sales force. Chris believes that the business ethics and fairness exhibited by IRIS Solutions in their day-to-day operations is one of the key reasons for company success in recent years. Responsible sales and marketing tactics that place a great amount of importance on delivering high quality products and solutions, while providing fantastic customer support and value to the clients, inspire Chris to set and achieve personal and professional business goals that help IRIS Solutions and the clients the organization serves.

Brad Wilson, VP of Technology Services
Brad, the in-house technology guru, has worked for IRIS Solutions since 2001. With past networking and technical experience that includes service at the U.S. Naval Academy as well as a Bachelor's degree in Network Engineering Technology, Brad comes to work every day with a goal of delivering high level technical support to IRIS Solutions clients. Brad has a personal mantra of wanting to perform all technical tasks at a higher level than our competition. His technology focus is customer-centric; an understanding of what may only seem like a small IT hiccup to his technology department is actually a show-stopper for a client who doesn't have an IT background. Brad prides himself on keeping the focus on quick, responsive customer service that allows clients to use technology as a tool instead of an obstacle.

At IRIS Solutions, our team of employees makes the company. We strive to provide each team member with the tools and resources needed to perform their jobs at the highest level possible so that in turn, we can provide our clients with service of the same caliber. For more content from IRIS Solutions please check out our YouTube channel!

General dentists, Pediatric dentists, Endodontists, Periodontists, Oral Surgeons, Orthodontists, Clinics specializing in Medicare/Medicaid, Multi & Single Sites

General Medicine, Cosmetic, Neurologists, Psychiatric, Optometrists

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