Al Gore was wrong to invent the Internet.

8 Reasons Why the Internet was Doomed from the Beginning.

To recap our most recent eblast: While campaigning back in the 2000 Election, Al Gore made a comment that he invented the internet. In reality, Al Gore did not invent the internet. The internet evolved from the 60's Arpanet, then the TCP/IP in the early 80's, to the format from the early 90's that we all recognize as the

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How to set up Email AutoArchiving for Outlook in 3 Easy Steps.

There are a couple ways to set up AutoArchiving within Outlook. This will move old emails from your main email profile into a different folder within Outlook. That way the archived emails are still accessible to you, however they are not stored on the server. If you check your email through webmail on a website browser you will not be able to see the archived emails. You will be

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The Internet of Things

We all know about the internet and we now all know what we do with it. The internet has evolved into much more than just news, shopping, and social media. The "Internet of Things" is a term that describes how embedded devices use the internet to send and transfer media.

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Is money green and made of paper or is it virtual at the end of a keyboard?

Just to recap from a recent eblast, a new client came to us just after being hacked with ransomware. The ransomware virus attacked every single file on the system and encrypted not only the single computer but any other shared drive on the network and the data files for the application the business used were now encrypted. The backup was last completed a month ago and after

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Undeliverable: Why are some emails blocked?

Email and blacklists are hard to make sense of.

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