Dentrix Ascend, Dental Practices, and the Cloud

Dentrix Ascend has been out for a while, but for those dental practices who have not heard of this software as a service (or SaaS), Dentrix Ascend is a Web-Based, “Worry-Free”, Cloud-Based Dental Practice Management Software for Dental Offices.

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5 Tips for Improving Computing Efficiency

Is this title misleading? Can a bunch of IT geeks really help you improve efficiency when working at a computer? Maybe. Let’s get started.

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Why would you go for managed IT services?


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Email Tips: Conditional Formatting Examples

This is how to set up Conditional Formatting in Outlook. It allows you to format how emails come in with different fonts and whatever color you want! This allows you to know who sent the email at a glance. Color and font association will help streamline your email process which can become a time suck if left unchecked!

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Email Tips: How to Customize Categories in Outlook

The goal with categorizing is to have color associated with certain tasks or projects. Color association helps you streamline your email inbox and helps you focus your time and attention.

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The Bits and Pieces of a Network.

We have all heard the term “Network”. But what does it actually mean?

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5 Reasons Why Defending Your Data is an Inside Job

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