I am thankful for IT geeks.

In the spirit of the recent holiday, I started to think about what I am thankful for. Of course, we are all thankful for those in our life who are family or friends. However, this blog post is about why we should ditch our family and friends and break bread with former IT geeks.

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Security breaches: tips for prevention

As long as businesses host valuable data, cyber criminals will continue to bypass the security protocols meant to protect this data. The causes of security breaches range from device theft or loss, weak and stolen credentials, malware, and outdated systems that use ineffective security measures. And with these five tips, you can take the first step toward making sure a security

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What is a Pineapple Wi-Fi and why do I care?

Why do we call a Wi-Fi hacker device a WiFi Pineapple?

I guess the name is not important but what is important is to know what this Pineapple device is. This is not something you need to memorize, but the reason I write this is so you can understand the risk to your personal information.

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Tips for Writing Off Business Equipment with Section 179

Planning is Key

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Straight Scoop on Equipment Warranties

Not all warranties are created equal, especially in the world of technology. Some products offer warranty extensions which are necessary. Let’s dive in and see if this makes sense.

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