What is the Cloud and why do I care?

Cloud-based technologies are often a big part of our business consultation. The companies who are using and marketing cloud services make it seem like we should all be using this service. These marketing strategies are excellent and seem like an easy business decision, but wait, there’s more.

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How does Microsoft FindTime really work?

Theoretically, scheduling meetings should be virtually hassle-free. But in reality, simply agreeing on a mutually compatible time is often an impossible task. On top of hectic schedules, you have different departments that have their own time constraints. What if there was a tool that could take care of all that for you? That’s where Microsoft […]

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5 ways to get the most out of the latest fads

Have you seen folks wandering around downtown, staring at their phone like it was a map pointing them to a pot of gold? Or ordering pizza over a Facebook chat conversation with an awkward cashier? With some creative marketing and structuring, your SMB could be on the other side of those people’s phones. Tech fads, […]


Must Have Geek Gadgets

Cutting Edge vs. Proven We all like technology, however you don’t have the get the latest and greatest items.  If you have ever been an early adopter of the latest software for your business or even the latest Microsoft product, you know new does not mean better.


Ticket Tuesday!

Here is a list of “on demand” tickets we received in one day. These are examples of tickets which are handled by our tech team as issues arise. This does not included the monitoring and maintenance tickets that are created as we monitor and schedule maintenance for our managed clients.