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Server Administration 101: Temperature

  Servers are the heart of most modern SMBs.  And with the strain that most businesses put on their servers, one of the most important maintenance variables is temperature management. Understanding why keeping your servers cool is vitally important and could save you from an expensive crash, troubling data loss, or reduced hardware reliability.

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Chrome extensions for better productivity

  According to Statcounter’s June 2018 web browser usage report, Google Chrome accounts for nearly 60 percent of worldwide market share. Yet despite this whopping account, only a few business users employ any of the productivity-boosting extensions offered in Chrome’s web store. Read on to find out if one of our favorite extensions could solve […]

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Tips on adding value to your business data

Data is incredibly valuable. The more of it your business generates, the easier it is to predict market and customer behaviors. Analytics solutions aren’t always the right fit for small businesses, but that doesn’t mean their data isn’t valuable. Here are some ways to add real value to your business by harnessing the power of […]