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Web trends in the instant gratification age

  Modern internet users usually don’t spend much time on one page. According to researchers, adult attention spans have dropped to eight seconds, creating serious challenges for business owners who need to promote their website. To adapt in this age of instant gratification, website producers are employing several tactics.

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Tips to reduce risks after a security breach

  No company is completely safe from data breaches. For proof, look no further than companies like Yahoo, AOL, and Home Depot, which compromised millions of personal customer information. That said, no business is completely helpless, either. The following steps can minimize the risks to your business in the event of a large-scale data breach.

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Workplace app overload and its ill effects

Apps are supposed to make life easier in the workplace. But if you use too many of them working at one time, things can get messy. This is a familiar problem in many small businesses that rely on several apps and software for daily operations. The confusion drains funds and reduces employee productivity, as a […]