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Case Studies

Backup Case Study

An Orthodontics practice in Matthews, North Carolina was having issues with their backup. IRIS Solutions was notified through the monitoring software and connection we have with the practice since they are a managed client

Cloud Based Medical Case Study

A new medical practice consulted with us before opening their doors in the SouthPark area of Charlotte. They were considering the use of tablets instead of traditional workstations for the staff.


A construction company in South Charlotte was evaluating the need for a new Line of Business software for their growing business. The company also had a server that was due to be replaced.

User Profile Case Study

Staff turnover and additions are naturally a part of any business growth. A financial client needed a new employee profile to be set up for a new hire.

Server Down Case Study

How do you know when your server goes offline? What do you do when it is outside of normal business hours?

Ransomware Case Study

How do you know your data is safe? What would you do if your system was hit ransomware?

IPITOMY Phone Case Study

Does your phone system match your business structure? What other phone options are available and how could they improve your team's efficiency in the office, as well as of the office?

Computer Down Case Study

Technology is made by man and will fail. What happens when the owner’s or doctor’s computer fails? How quickly can it be fixed or replaced? What is the process for data recovery or probability that the information is still viable? What do you do to keep that individual moving forward?

Lightning Case Study

You can’t control the weather. What happens if lightning strikes? Are you prepared? Is your data backed up? Do you have a documented disaster recovery plan? Can your business function if the technology is fried?

ISP Case Study

Early one morning, a dental practice in Raleigh, NC experienced an unexpected network outage. Our technicians contacted the office and guided its staff through troubleshooting problems with the modem and firewall.. But after a series of tests and adjustments, it was determined that the problem wasn’t the practice’s fault at all.

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