IT Services - Testimonials 

In the three years IRIS Solutions has been taking care of our IT needs, our productivity is up and our headaches are down. We consistently receive prompt, thorough support from personable people who know our network. IRIS has been by our side as we’ve grown and expanded, offering timely advice and helping us to make the best decisions for our IT needs.

Charles Campbell, CEO 
Flagship Healthcare Properties
Charlotte, NC

Our dental practice has been a member of the IRIS Solutions family since 2010. They brought us into the modern I.T. age without any glitches and not too many growing pains- and that is no small achievement. Over the years, I have never felt insignificant when I would call IRIS with a problem or even just to ask a question. They are large enough to have the resources to stay on the cusp of emerging technologies and trends in I.T., yet small enough to make their clients feel important and appreciated. And I am not just talking about their staff who are in the trenches every day, like: April, Anthony, Ray, Todd, Sarah, and many more who I have had the pleasure to work with for the past 8 years, but even the big daddy-dogs of the company, like Chris and Brad, are not above rolling up their sleeves and getting on the phone with a client to resolve particularly tricky issues. Whether it is malware/ransomware, storage issues, or merely the health of our current hardware, I truly feel like everyone at IRIS Solutions is working towards helping me and my practice stay ahead of potential problems. IRIS’ philosophy dovetails so well into what I preach to my dental patients every day: prevention, prevention, prevention! I can sincerely and without reservation recommend IRIS Solutions as a wonderful company with whom to do business.

Jim Rokos, DDS
Oral Pathology Laboratory of the Carolinas
Albemarle, NC

Our office has recently completed our initial onboarding with IRIS - where they came in and very efficiently and knowledgeably upgraded our existing networks and computer systems. The attention to detail and thorough follow-up has been worth every penny. Also, any time there is a small issue (such as a forgotten password or an odd pop-up on the screen) our staff can call IRIS and get answers and help immediately. Everyone we have worked with has been exceptionally helpful and pleasant. I highly recommend IRIS for a safe, reliable, and comprehensive IT solution for anyone's office.

Jenna Stover, DDS
Stover and Stover
Gastonia, NC

Morse & Doyle, DDS partnered with IRIS back in 2006. I am so very thankful for the day that Chris came to our practice selling his company IRIS Solutions. Over the years the “smiles” continue from the person answering the phone to the tech handling my “crisis”! Every issue is a crisis, right!! I am sure there are days you want to scream when you see my name appear on caller ID! The professional, knowledgeable staff can calm you down and address whatever technical issue you are having in a very timely manner. In today's society, nobody wants to wait (us included) but you need to understand IRIS cannot address every call instantaneously. It will be addressed by priority. That said, they are still very prompt in handling any “crisis” that may emerge. Our practice has grown from five to 17 computers under their care over the last several years. IRIS works with me to perform updates after our normal workday. (They have come in early or stayed late to address issues for us) IRIS is a great company to partner with and the staff is exceptional at meeting our IT needs. The bottom line is IRIS helps us do our best for our patients. I know they have my back when it comes to IT. I would never hesitate to recommend IRIS Solutions to anyone in the dental field, especially if you use Dentrix as your software.

Belinda Lankford
Office Manager
Morse & Doyle, DDS
Kernersville, NC

We partnered with IRIS Solutions back in September 2015, and we have been extremely satisfied with their team of IT professionals, expertise, and the top-notch customer service they always provide. In a world that is so highly reliant on technology, downtime is costly, and IRIS is constantly working behind the scenes to ensure that we experience very little interruptions. In addition, IRIS always works with us to schedule upgrades and maintenance during the evenings or early mornings. IRIS Solutions is very proactive and allows us to focus our efforts on what we do rather than working on IT problems. Thank you to everybody on the IRIS team for always being responsive, knowledgeable, and proactive!

Tripp Tate
Flagship Healthcare Properties, LLC
Charlotte, NC

IRIS Solutions is a GREAT company. We never have to worry about the technical side of things. They keep us efficient and ready to work. The response time is immediate and the customer service is top notch. Trust me when I say, our large dental office makes a call each week and their "on the phone smiles" never change. I would recommend any company looking for a PERFECT IT company to select IRIS Solutions. We are GREAT because of all they do! <3

Yuasmine Diaz
Office Manager
Sandhills Pediatric Family Dentistry
Sanford, NC

Five stars is not enough to describe the outstanding service offered by IRIS Solutions. I have had a relationship with IRIS for over 14 years and they are exceptional. They have always been professional, knowledgeable, reliable, prompt, and friendly when handling our requests. They go above and beyond to make us feel like we are their one and only client. This is the ONLY IT company I would refer anyone to. Thanks to all the staff for all that you do! You're the BEST!

Melinda Kusler
Office Manager
Seitlin, Niedan & Seitlin, D.D.S., P.L.L.C.
Charlotte, NC

IRIS Solutions is a wonderful company that we could not live without! Not having a technical person in the office is a breeze, since I have IRIS Solutions! Being in the travel business, we basically "live" on the internet and that causes many issues. We also have many needs such as maintenance, virus protection, updates, etc. They are very knowledgeable and professional. I cannot say enough to show how much I appreciate them and all of their fine employees!!

Debbie Slack
Your Travel Services
Fort Mill, SC

I couldn’t imagine not having IRIS Solutions for my IT. They are the most helpful, friendly, and knowledgeable team I have ever worked with.

Dawn Hall
Patient Coordinator
Sharon Reid, D.D.S.
Clemmons, NC

We are very pleased with IRIS’ program and response time. They understand our business and continually look for ways to improve our systems. Everyone with IRIS is very courteous and helpful.

Sigrid Swanson
Accounting Manager
The Tool & Gage House
Charlotte, NC

As the administrator for a three location pediatric dental practice, I appreciate that when I bring an issue or idea to IRIS Solutions, they attentively listen, ask pointed questions and provide me with options. Unlike some other IT groups, IRIS never tells me “no, we cannot do that for you.” If they do not immediately know options, they always research the topic to see if there is a way to accomplish our IT need. I love that about IRIS! 
Every person at IRIS has their respective area of expertise, so everyone is important to their team. Charlotte Pediatric Dentistry, with the 3 locations, cannot afford to have our computers or network go down. IRIS is immediately available for emergencies…and there have been some!! I can go on and on about the positive attributes IRIS Solutions brings to our practice as well as what wonderful people they are to work with. Needless to say they are an integral part of our practice.

Donna Helton
Practice Administrator
Charlotte Pediatric Dentistry
Charlotte, NC

For over seven years now, IRIS Solutions has been an excellent provider of computer/IT consulting services, including remote support and remote access to PC’s when we’re away. They are knowledgeable, efficient and great to work with. As a busy dental office, we’ve never had a problem they could not fix. I highly recommend IRIS Solutions to any business who needs honest, professional, and fast IT support.

Kevin T. Fox, DDS
Fox Dental Associates
Asheville, NC

In case I don’t tell you guys enough, I really appreciate IRIS Solutions. It is rare to work with a company who never causes problems or issues from any aspect: support, sales, etc.

Cherry Utley
Office Manager
Patricia London, D.D.S.
Concord, NC

We have been a client for three years now. We couldn't be happier with the service we receive. Fantastic people with fantastic customer service!

Jill Connolly
Office Administrator
Connolly Orthodontics
Matthews, NC