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Commercial Businesses


Commercial Businesses

IRIS supports businesses of all sizes ranging from a single network to large multi-location companies. We support operations and client networks in 28 of the 48 contiguous U.S. states, and as far away as Greece. IRIS technicians are trained and certified in over 100 industry-specific software applications. We continuously monitor and update clients on the latest HIPAA/HITECH and PCI requirements. IRIS’ team of security experts continuously reviews and applies the very latest technologies to prevent, detect, and remediate threats to your network and customer data. Whether you have one site or multiple sites, we can assist you with determining the right solution for your business.

What Commercial Businesses Need

We want companies to focus on their business, not their technology. We have faced these challenges before, and can provide solutions customized to your requirements. Start the conversation today with IRIS to experience the benefits of exceptional IT support. Let IRIS be your IT department.

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Emilia Clarke
Dawn Hall
Sandhills Pediatric Family Dentistry
"I couldn’t imagine not having IRIS Solutions for my IT. They are the most helpful, friendly, and knowledgeable team I have ever worked with...."
Emilia Clarke
Cherry Utley
Patricia London, D.D.S. Concord, N
"In case I don’t tell you guys enough, I really appreciate IRIS Solutions. It is rare to work with a company that never causes problems or issues from any aspect: support, sales, etc."
Emilia Clarke
Yuasmine Diaz
Sandhills Pediatric Family Dentistry
“IRIS Solutions is a GREAT company. They keep us efficient and ready to work. The response time is immediate and the customer service is top notch...."

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