IT Services - Medical Offices

IRIS is the leading provider of technology services for dental and other medical practices throughout the southeast U.S. For nearly 25 years, IRIS has acted as a thought leader in dental and other medical IT support. IRIS supports practices of all sizes ranging from a single doctor or dentist to large multi-state medical groups and Dental Service Organizations.

By the numbers:



dental and other medical practices supported



endpoints monitored 24/7/365


IRIS customers and strategic partners are located in

40 of the 48

contiguous US States


IRIS Knows Medical:

  • IRIS knows the software used to manage and drive your practice and its success, and can cogently recommend improvements, where possible, to increase technological efficiency
  • We are experts in designing and maintaining systems to align with HIPAA / HITECH requirements
  • IRIS understands the challenges medical practices face regularly, we deliver answers quickly and resolve issues the first time

Here are a few examples of medical software we support for our clients:

>> Epic
>> AdvancedMD
>> CureMD
>> Praxis
>> Amazing Charts
>> Examwriter
>> Solution Reach

>> Medicor Imaging
>> Apteryx Imaging
>> NueMD
>> Lytec
>> Officemate
>> NextGen
>> TotalMD

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