Cloud Services ARE the Solution

The cloud gives employees on-demand access to servers, software apps, and data from anywhere at any time. All they need is their mobile device and an internet connection so they can work; and IRIS Cloud Solutions will take care of 100% of the maintenance and security for you.

Improved productivity, stronger cybersecurity, and fewer costs, just from the cloud’s essential elements.

  • Servers: protected by state-of-the-art security devices
  • Data: backed up by redundant storage systems
  • Technical Support: available 24x7x365
  • Software: integration of all relevant applications
  • Compliance: observe all HIPAA regulations at all times

What businesses really gain from the cloud services IRIS has to offer is optimization in all areas of their IT.

  • Regularly updated operating systems perform optimally
  • Properly stored data reduces the chance of downtime
  • Strict cybersecurity practices provide peace of mind
  • Fast, reliable networks allow users to stay productive
  • Dedicated account managers ensure quick resolutions

The cloud is a simple question of wants and needs. If you want to do any of the following, you need the cloud.

  • Have a totally reliable backup and disaster recovery plan
  • Reduce IT costs and stop over-spending on hardware
  • Enjoy anywhere, anytime access to your systems
  • Focus on growing your organization, not fixing IT issues
  • Quit worrying about HIPAA and other compliance standards