Managed IT Services - Backup/Data Recovery

Digital data is convenient, fast, and easy to produce but once lost, unless backed up effectively and tested regularly for restoration, it may be gone
forever. The push of the wrong key or click of the wrong icon could result in the loss of important, irreplaceable files that are integral to your company's performance. IRIS Solutions understands that a strategy must be in place to prevent this. To safeguard our clients against the potentially devastating loss of important data, IRIS Solutions offers local and offsite encrypted data backup.

Our local, offsite and cloud backup solutions will store and protect your data. In cases of data loss, natural disaster, or relocation, your company will be able to easily recover your information. IRIS Solutions partners with reputable offsite backup companies that store data in top-of-the-line facilities throughout the United States.

Managed IT Services - Local Backup

If you have a slow internet speed, local back up of your data is the right solution for you. In case of a disaster or system failure, you will be able to restore your data from a physical device you keep on site. No matter the status of your network or internet connection, your clients’ data will be restored with minimal downtown.

Managed IT Services - Offsite Backup

Offsite back up gives us full control of your data. Every hour your data is backed up onto our servers. If something happens, your data will be restored within 24 hours.

Managed IT Services - Cloud Backup

With the cloud, expensive and bulky servers are a thing of the past. Through our partnerships with Microsoft and Amazon, your data will be secure and, in case of a disaster, can be restored to any device at any time.

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