Managed IT Services

Entrust your IT function to the care of the trained professionals at IRIS Solutions. Our Managed Services take the worry out of network up-time and technology costs. Our flat-fee approach, coupled with our proactive monitoring services, is a strategic, preemptive way to ensure your business technology is running as it should. Often times with our proactive monitoring, we fix issues before clients notice that there was ever an issue. We want our clients to experience a seamless business day and with our Managed Services, there is a greater likelihood that will happen. 

Managed IT Services - Network Design and Architecture

We create a strategy based on the overall requirements and goals of your office and implement a detailed technology plan that assists you in increasing productivity measures, decreasing downtime, and surrounding your employees with the technical support and assurance they require to get their jobs done. Furthermore, we can help manage your company's critical and necessary technology, easing your frustration, lessening your stress, controlling costs, and making your technology work the way it was intended. We will help you plan for, rather than react to, a potential IT issue.

Managed IT Services - 24/7/365 Network Monitoring and Security

IRIS Solutions monitors a wide variety of aspects on your company's system in order to detect signs of system failures. Through the constant monitoring of disk and memory usage, Windows Security Updates, network firewalls, and network devices, we are able to reduce the chance of system failures and keep your technology running at an optimal level, help you get more accomplished during your workday, and allow you to sleep easy at night.

Managed IT Services - Live Help Desk Support

Our Help Desk function focuses on you, our client, and has been designed with your needs in mind. We know that when an IT issue occurs, no matter how big or small, the only thing you are thinking about is "how to fix it." Whether you need supplemental answers to a technology question or if you are in need of a responsive, personable, and knowledge-based approach to a technology problem, our Help Desk function focuses on offering support when you need it most. Our specialists are trained to provide solutions which allow your office to work productively despite any technical glitches. By providing immediate support, the Help Desk resolves problems that without any assistance may cause downtime and confusion. The IRIS Solutions Help Desk provides immediate remote assistance in getting you back on track as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Managed IT Services - Data Back-up and Disaster Recovery

Digital data is convenient, fast, and easy to produce but once lost, unless backed up effectively and tested regularly for restoration, it may be gone forever. The push of the wrong key or click of the wrong icon could result in the loss of important, irreplaceable files that are integral to your company's performance. IRIS Solutions understands that a strategy must be in place to prevent this. To safeguard our clients against the potentially devastating loss of important data, IRIS Solutions offers local and offsite encrypted data backup.

Our cloud, local and offsite backup solutions will store and protect your data. In cases of data loss, natural disaster, or relocation, your company will be able to easily recover your information. IRIS Solutions partners with reputable offsite backup companies that store data in top-of-the-line facilities throughout the United States.

Managed IT Services - Email Security

Using the latest security software, we scan all emails for spam, viruses, malware, and phishing attacks to ensure that your network is not compromised. All flagged email is held in a secure quarantine, stopping it before it reaches your inbox.

Sending confidential and proprietary information is crucial to your business, we understand that you need confidence when sending important emails. Using email encryption software will ensure that your information is only seen by the intended recipient.  

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