Disaster Recovery As a Service

Disaster Recovery with MSP360​

One wrong key push or mouse click could result in the loss of important, irreplaceable files that are integral to your company’s performance. With MSP360, your backup and software management is simplified, secured, and flexible. One of the most important characteristics of any backup solution is the flexibility to fit your business needs. MSP360 is a powerful cross-platform backup and disaster recovery solution that leverages the public cloud to enable a comprehensive data protection strategy.

Enable Faster Recovery of Critical IT Systems​

Disaster Recovery (DR) involves the intersection of business requirements and technical challenge. At the heart of DR is defining minimally required business resources and overcoming technical challenges to deliver them all the time, no matter what. Scoping DR capabilities on the cloud for on premises resources means understanding service margins for availability. The technology can encompass continuous data replication, machine or application backups, and n-way data source synchronization.

DR solutions enable customers to recover from a situation where assets critical to their business operations are inaccessible. IRIS Solutions solutions utilizes MSP360 to enable recovery strategies focused on recovery time objective
(RTO) and recovery point objective (RPO) requirements.

Top 10 Benefits:

  1. Quick and easy recovery in the event of data loss.
  2. Low up-front costs for your data protection
  3. Save money by only paying for the data you use
  4. Enjoy peace of mind, knowing your data is secured
  5. Maintain greater access to your data
  6. You’re not responsible for hardware protection
  7. Data is protected from physical disasters
  8. Flexible scaling, your capacity grows when you do
  9. Expert help and guidance from our team
  10. Geographic redudancy helps support stability

Your Data Secured

IRIS safeguards our clients against the potentially devastating loss of important data by providing local and offsite encrypted data backup. Backup snapshots are captured and tested frequently to ensure recoverability in the event of disaster.