At IRIS Solutions we’re more than just another IT vendor. We are a true partner, viewing ourselves as an asset that truly adds value to your organization. With our experience across numerous industry verticals, we take a strategic approach to your IT; consulting extensively and ensuring the solutions we design will serve you in the long-term and help to achieve your goals.

Our Challenge: Give more than we get

At the very core of our business model is a sense of flexibility that allows us to either grow or shrink with you, whichever your business circumstances demand. With us, you’re not tied to unaffordable overheads or long-term contracts as you would be with more conventional providers. We’re the company that truly works in partnership with you to make IT the driving force behind your business.

Let's be partners!

I just wanted to take a quick moment to thank you for helping us resolve our internet issues. We have been very frustrated the last few weeks with all our internet problems and the inability to get it properly fixed. Mark seemed to really listen to us today and take the” extra measures” to get the job done.

We truly appreciate his help!!

Dr. Dennis Coleman