Al Gore was wrong to invent the Internet.

8 Reasons Why the Internet was Doomed from the Beginning.

To recap our most recent eblast: While campaigning back in the 2000 Election, Al Gore made a comment that he invented the internet. In reality, Al Gore did not invent the internet. The internet evolved from the 60's Arpanet, then the TCP/IP in the early 80's, to the format from the early 90's that we all recognize as the world wide web.

The Internet of Things

The Internet of Things

We all know about the internet and we now all know what we do with it. The internet has evolved into much more than just news, shopping, and social media. The "Internet of Things" is a term that describes how embedded devices use the internet to send and transfer media.

What would happen if . . . ?

Single Sign On

What would happen if you lost all your passwords?

Single Sign On is a program that allows ONE log in to all web applications, controlled by an administrator. No more logging into multiple websites for insurance benefits and no more wasted time retrieving a lost password.

7 Ways to Improve Your Online Security and Protect Your Business

This blog should be written 6 times a year. The landscape of security is always changing, and we have to stay in front of this. Here are some items to put on your IT Budget for 2016.

Password Management – We need secure passwords not just Password1 or 123456. Setup the best practice of securing your passwords without keeping these in a rolodex on your desk.

Another Reason Microsoft is King

Well, it has happened again. Microsoft is making technology decisions for you. Office 2016 is alive and kicking.

You may not care about this but trust me, this WILL impact your business. Microsoft is so dominant in the market that they can make a single product change and create a frenzy for an entire industry.