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Whether you’re experiencing downtime for the nth time this month, or you are not getting the best results from your system, IRIS Solutions can help! We’ve been in business since 1996 and during that time we have provided countless clients in the dental, medical, commercial and professional services industries with solid IT solutions that eliminate their immediate issues and enable them to build a foundation for future growth. Try us, we think you’ll like the IRIS Solutions difference.

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IT infrastructure - Charlotte, Concord, Gastonia

I’m fed up with experiencing downtime

We hear you - downtime is a real drain on morale, productivity and profit. Let us proactively manage your IT infrastructure and we’ll make hanging around the water cooler a thing of the past.

IT Support - Charlotte, Concord, Gastonia

My IT guy is unreliable

Why rely on someone who never picks up the phone, is too busy to attend to your issues, or never seems to fix the problem right the first time? We simply don’t work like that.

Managed Services - Charlotte, Concord, Gastonia

I think we’re paying too much

Ahh - the old break/fix approach to computer support. Choose our flat rate, all-you-can-eat Managed Services instead and you’ll get worry free IT at a fixed cost.

If you hate IT, you will love our blog posts.

Net’s New Reality

Net’s New Reality

For the past several months it’s been difficult to tune into any news outlet without hearing the words “Net Neutrality” and the discussion surrounding ...

RDP? VPN?... I Just Want to Work!

RDP? VPN?... I Just Want to Work!

As the IT landscape continues to change we make changes to security settings that are always intended to help, but sometimes the result is a bad user ...

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“We are very pleased with IRIS’ program and response time. They understand our business and continually look for ways to improve our systems. Everyone with IRIS is very courteous and helpful.”

Sigrid Swanson
Accounting Manager
The Tool & Gage House

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