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Is money green and made of paper or is it virtual at the end of a keyboard?

Just to recap from a recent eblast, a new client came to us just after being hacked with ransomware. The ransomware virus attacked every single file on the system and encrypted not only the single computer but any other shared drive on the network and the data files for the application the business used were now encrypted. The backup was last completed a month ago and after

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Undeliverable: Why are some emails blocked?

Email and blacklists are hard to make sense of.

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7 Features in Office 2016 That Will Enhance Your Life

In the short time I have been using Office 2016 I decided to find these new features on my own.  

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What would happen if . . . ?

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7 Ways to Improve Your Online Security and Protect Your Business

This blog should be written 6 times a year. The landscape of security is always changing, and we have to stay in front of this. Here are some items to put on your IT Budget for 2016.

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Another Reason Microsoft is King

Well, it has happened again. Microsoft is making technology decisions for you. Office 2016 is alive and kicking.

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Why BI is for everyone

If you’ve managed to convince yourself that only large enterprises have the money to take advantage of Business Intelligence (BI), it’s time to think again. While it’s true that in the past you needed the help of pricey specialists to really delve into BI, these days a range of self-service tools mean that small- and medium-sized businesses can do much more by themselves. You

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9 Basic Facts about Data and Why Data Storage is Important.

Data is all we own. We don't really have much actual paper anymore.  Okay, let me back up.  We should have much LESS paper than we did twenty years ago.  Our access to information, or "data" as called in the digital world, is all we own.  Imagine how much information most of us have in our email on our smartphones. This type of filing system would have a dozen file cabinets full

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